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answers to the most asked questions

Here are a number of questions that have been asked by clients. Some are technical and some are more general in natural. We hope that they will provide information to you and give you insightas to why we are considered "THE BEST THERE IS".

Our store hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm but we have been know to work around the clock to finish jobs for clients.

We are located at 5440 East Speedway Blvd. in Tucson, AZ near the corner of Speedway and Craycroft.  For directions please call 520 795-7446.

We use the CanonPro.  The only one that we found suitable to Giclee print and specifically for canvas prints.  This is a twelve color printer.  This means that has three different cartridges for printing magenta. Solid magneta, medium magenta and light magenta.  This is true for cyan and black/gray as well. 

A requirement when reproducing facial tones and other colors that are almost impossible to match with any other printer.

Because of the amount of business we do with the University of Arizona.  We have two cartridges dedicated to red and blue.  Matching PMS colors is an area where we really shine. 

We have three (3) flatbed printers.  For photography and artwork reproduction, your project will most likely be done on the Hewlett Packard  (HP R1000 plus latex printer.  This printer has been chosen for three primary reasons…  1) It has the best resolution and highest color match coefficient in the industry. 2) Maximum print size is eight feet wide by any length, and 3) The process is friendly to the environment, no harmful solvents.

As a finishing touch we use an exclusive clear coat finish.  The means that the aluminum and brushed metal print can be used in exterior locations.

Our maximum height is eight feet by any length.  It is not unusual for us to construct multi-panel layouts.  No size is too large or too small for us and no there is no minimum quantity that we require from our customers.

We opened our doors in October of 1989.  We are a family business (Howard and Marlene Volin and their three sons Robert, Reid and Rob)

You may want to check out our many google five star reviews facebook pages or blog.  Need more?  We’ll be happy to put you in touch with folks from the University of Arizona, Banner Health, Pima County or a few of our over 20,000 clients.